Introducing The Take Action Early Podcast: It’s Never Too Early To Start Leaving Your Mark – TAE001

When you’re young and full of energy urgency with your actions is a must. Delaying could haunt you later on in life. Use your young adulthood to increase the number of choices you have in your older adulthood. In this first episode of Take Action Early, I give insight into my understanding of the challenges Read more

Act With A Long Term Target In Mind

Imagine you’ve got an amazing idea. You go out there and make a start on working on this idea with whatever comes to mind with no real thought, a makeshift strategy if you will, and before long you reach an inevitable plateau after putting in so much time and effort. You go blank, and this Read more

Never Be Afraid To Take Risks To Improve Your Life

Before we dive straight into the importance of taking risks, let’s define what it means to take a risk Legacy Means Everything style. Taking a risk: jumping into an endeavour recklessly, with no idea of how many bones you may break or where you may break them but you do it anyway because you recognise the Read more

Feeling Motivated Or Inspired Is Not Enough

Legacy Means Everything’s definition of motivation is having a reason to do something significant with yourself. Inspiration is defined as having the unquenchable drive to leave a great legacy. What you’ll notice about these definitions, which are just renditions of the original definitions, is that they don’t contain anything about results. Most people in society Read more

How Criticism Can Help You Grow If You Let It

Disapproval seems to be the bane of many of our lives. People are scared to hear the opinion of another if it’s unfavourable (talk about picking and choosing). It has caused a great many to fall prey to giving into to an unhealthy desire to please everyone. Once someone disapproves, a fully functional and capable Read more

Why You Must Start Right Now

What has always puzzled me is why so many people don’t make the most of the virtually unlimited opportunities to better their lives, in some of the most prosperous of times in human history. Many have fallen into the trap of delaying things as they let a large chunk of lives pass them by with no Read more

Show Your True Colours Without Holding Back

The simplest ever piece of motivation given to human beings is: ‘be yourself’. However, what I see in the world, with great sorrow, is many people zealously looking for the approval from others to prove their worth. This includes approval for dress code, how one speaks, what social groups to identify with, what trends to follow and Read more

The Great Benefits Of Setbacks

In some of my most private of moments, I’ve automatically drifted into thinking about the setbacks I’ve encountered and what it took to get through them. In the context of leaving a legacy these setbacks have been necessary to refine my perspective on what precisely my purpose is, the unique components I’m made of and Read more

Perfectionism: The Disease That Holds You Back Big Time

Everywhere we look we see the façade of perfection, perfection and some more perfection. Add -ism and you’ve got yourself a religion. It just seems like the approach we should all strive for and if we aren’t part of the worship service, some of us may feel inadequate and guilty for not abiding by the impossible Read more

Why Learning Philosophy Is Essential For Success In Life

In the Greek language, philosophy literally means the love of wisdom. Who doesn’t want to be wise? Who doesn’t want to have a deep understanding of the world around them and their relationships with others. It’s the wise among us who are respected, inspiring and have a way of navigating life effortlessly. Thoughtful consideration of Read more