Why You Must Never Hit The Snooze Button

For most people the process of waking up and getting out of bed is the hardest workout they’ve ever undertaken. The challenge of completing a heavy regimen of 7 repetitions (days) over 4 sets (weeks) of jumping out of bed when the alarm sounds, which they know is necessary to build the momentum on that Read more

4 Strategies For Becoming Ruthless With Your Limited Time

Everyday someone or something is out to take time away from us with no intention of returning it, in fact time can never be returned. Once it’s taken it disappears instantly. Everyone and everything demands our time: Mum, Facebook, advertisements, new fashion trends, the weekend sports game, FIFA [insert whatever the current edition of the Read more

How To Be The Alpha Of Your Own Life

The word alpha means to be first and in our world, being the alpha gives you access to a high quality of life. People respect alphas: they stand out, whether it’s socially or in isolation; they’re the ones who don’t hide themselves in the crowd or refuse to stick up for themselves, have no fear Read more