The Great Benefits Of Setbacks

In some of my most private of moments, I’ve automatically drifted into thinking about the setbacks I’ve encountered and what it took to get through them. In the context of leaving a legacy these setbacks have been necessary to refine my perspective on what precisely my purpose is, the unique components I’m made of and Read more

Perfectionism: The Disease That Holds You Back Big Time

Everywhere we look we see the façade of perfection, perfection and some more perfection. Add -ism and you’ve got yourself a religion. It just seems like the approach we should all strive for and if we aren’t part of the worship service, some of us may feel inadequate and guilty for not abiding by the impossible Read more

What Surviving A Road Traffic Collision Taught Me

This is probably the longest post I’ll write on this blog for a long time if not ever. Throughout almost a decade, following my near-death experience at the hands of a vehicle, I’ve really thought about how my outlook on life has changed and how to best deal with the challenging situations that arise in life. I would Read more