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Nobody exists as an island, a lot of our behaviours are influenced by how the environment we’re in conditions us. In this episode of Take Action Early I discuss the importance of choosing your conditioning environment wisely. I also suggest ways that young adults can take advantage of the conditioning process to achieve their goals and ensure that they’re on a path to becoming the best version of themselves.

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Conditioning is a process of training yourself or being trained to respond in a manner generally approved by the society in general, peer groups within society and yourself. Conditioning is a key area the young adult must focus on.

When you’re young you have no choice in what you’re conditioned with – you’re a sponge that soaks in everything and anything. This serves its purpose for our survival and rapid learning. It helps to simply things. The issue is that quite a lot of conditioning can be harmful – your mind ends up in a box full of cockroaches .

Most people just accept whatever they’ve been told whether it works or not or whether it’s healthy or not. The majority of our natural inborn qualities have been hijacked by a society which tells you what you’re doing is not normal.

A lot of people are stuck in a mentality engineered into us by others and just assume ‘that’s how things should be’ even though they’re stressed, unhappy and even selling themselves out for the approval of others and even know deep down what they’re being told is not right. Conformity has its place. You have to find balance between doing things your way and living up to a social code especially when you’re climbing up the ladder and do want to come across as an annoying and rebellious clown. However, a balance must be found between conformity and doing what you want to do.

It can take many years to get out of harmful conditioning because quite a lot of people don’t know they are being harmfully conditioned.

Young adults need to use a ‘sieve’ to control what they let themselves be exposed to help them move in the right direction.


As you grow up you must ask yourself why you believe what you believe , why are you following someone advice, are they really of benefit to you – always read between the lines ask if they are in your best interests.

You are what you eat, you’re an average of the people you spend the most time with. You unconsciously develop a strong discipline to act a certain way dependent on the environment you continually expose yourself to. Your food conditions your physiology which affects your motivation, your mood and your productivity – if your nutrition isn’t right, you don’t and can’t behave the way you want to – Don’t underestimate your environment.

Since it’s impossible escape conditioning there are choices you have make, choice I have to make:

These include what you choose to listen to, what you watch, what you eat. This is where it’s key to have a schedule so you routinise what you are exposed to because every environment you’re in triggers certain habits. You have to enforce your desired environment as best you can.

To add to the choices you can make in future maximise your learning in your young adulthood, subscribe to educational channels that will help you with stuff you’ll never be taught in school – self-defence, how to exercise safely, finances, good nutrition etc. because society’s one-size-fits all approach isn’t ever going to cut it. Take advantage of the plastic nature of your mind and mould into what you want it to be. Gaining useful knowledge in your young adulthood should be your priority.

Don’t get to a stage in life where you tell yourself: ‘I wish I knew what I know at 65 at 20 or 25 etc’. This can be avoided by conditioning yourself in environment that will accelerate your growth.

Again, you’re gonna be brainwashed anyway so you might as well brainwash yourself with useful stuff the same way you have to feed yourself to survive so you might as well feed yourself with stuff that will help you perform at your peak. You just have to be selective with your brainwashing. Doing this will help you align your behaviour with your with desired outcomes by putting you on the right path. As a young adult it is crucial that you choose what you expose yourself to carefully.

Your environment shouldn’t be taken for granted: you should assess it and take out what isn’t help you achieve what you want to achieve for yourself.

Make the most of what is arguable the most critical transition period in your life by choosing what you condition yourself with wisely. It is the difference between being a prisoner to society’s one-size-fits all demands or you fashioning your life in a way that will make the most of your full potential.

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