Why You Must Never Hit The Snooze Button

For most people the process of waking up and getting out of bed is the hardest workout they’ve ever undertaken. The challenge of completing a heavy regimen of 7 repetitions (days) over 4 sets (weeks) of jumping out of bed when the alarm sounds, which they know is necessary to build the momentum on that Read more

You Have To Earn The Life You Want

As I go about my daily business in the real world and online I keep coming across people with the mindset of ‘I deserve this because… it’s me!’ A closer inspection reveals an elaborated version of this prevalent and perverted form of thinking. It goes something like this: ‘I’m super-duper awesome for a reason I Read more

Never Be Afraid To Take Risks To Improve Your Life

Before we dive straight into the importance of taking risks, let’s define what it means to take a risk Legacy Means Everything style. Taking a risk: jumping into an endeavour recklessly, with no idea of how many bones you may break or where you may break them but you do it anyway because you recognise the Read more

Feeling Motivated Or Inspired Is Not Enough

Legacy Means Everything’s definition of motivation is having a reason to do something significant with yourself. Inspiration is defined as having the unquenchable drive to leave a great legacy. What you’ll notice about these definitions, which are just renditions of the original definitions, is that they don’t contain anything about results. Most people in society Read more

Why You Must Start Right Now

What has always puzzled me is why so many people don’t make the most of the virtually unlimited opportunities to better their lives, in some of the most prosperous of times in human history. Many have fallen into the trap of delaying things as they let a large chunk of lives pass them by with no Read more

Perfectionism: The Disease That Holds You Back Big Time

Everywhere we look we see the façade of perfection, perfection and some more perfection. Add -ism and you’ve got yourself a religion. It just seems like the approach we should all strive for and if we aren’t part of the worship service, some of us may feel inadequate and guilty for not abiding by the impossible Read more

5 Important Steps For Meaningful Action

A legacy can be simply defined as a gift. It is what you leave behind as a treasure box for others to search for and open. Since everyone loves giving and receiving gifts, why is it that most people don’t leave treasure boxes worth finding? Why is that many people decide not to pursue the Read more