4 Strategies For Becoming Ruthless With Your Limited Time

Everyday someone or something is out to take time away from us with no intention of returning it, in fact time can never be returned. Once it’s taken it disappears instantly. Everyone and everything demands our time: Mum, Facebook, advertisements, new fashion trends, the weekend sports game, FIFA [insert whatever the current edition of the Read more

How Criticism Can Help You Grow If You Let It

Disapproval seems to be the bane of many of our lives. People are scared to hear the opinion of another if it’s unfavourable (talk about picking and choosing). It has caused a great many to fall prey to giving into to an unhealthy desire to please everyone. Once someone disapproves, a fully functional and capable Read more

The Great Benefits Of Setbacks

In some of my most private of moments, I’ve automatically drifted into thinking about the setbacks I’ve encountered and what it took to get through them. In the context of leaving a legacy these setbacks have been necessary to refine my perspective on what precisely my purpose is, the unique components I’m made of and Read more