About LME

NOTE: I like writing long essays so there’s a short about section and a long about section.

SHORT ABOUT (for those who like to only scratch the surface)

Hello. I’m Edward Mbanasor, creator of Legacy Means Everything: a self-development and self-improvement blog for young adults looking for their purpose and life’s work, wanting to increase self-confidence, develop good habits, approach life with the right attitude and set goals. It’s also for young people who want to overcome their fear of failure, eliminate procrastination, become a leader and take action on their innate passions to live a meaningful life. LME equips young people with tools to overcome difficult life challenges and make a significant contribution to society.

These are the common challenges for the growing human being. To live life to the fullest, these areas need to be worked on big time, instead of watching life pass you by or hiding yourself in a destructive shell looking for false comfort that will not help you grow and succeed. You need accountability for your own actions and LME will help with that.

If you’re like me, you get really excited by the idea of being great at what you do to live a meaningful and successful life.

You may feel ‘too young’, lack finances, lack ‘qualifications’ or lack opportunity, but the truth is if you want to tap into your GREATEST potential, even if the fruits of it appear later on in life, you need to start to actively grow yourself as early as possible whatever the cost. This something foreign to most young people and is barely covered at school – a place where young people spend the majority of their time, leaving many young people unequipped to deal with the tough realities of life. As soon as a little problem comes along many young people just stay in their room and hide or have breakdowns. This is not good.

LME is a about perspective without the sugar coating and pampering, but with straightforwardness and honesty and will cover topics that will challenge you to become your best self. This is what young people need. Society telling you that you’re a special snowflake with no responsibility for your future will not help you one bit. Putting feel-good fluff around reality isn’t going to help anyone make a breakthrough in their lives.

This is a huge problem with the mainstream self-help industry, but some parts are useful. LME is here to scientifically unearth the useful parts among the heaps of information which produces an excessive dopamine rush and encourages complacent inaction. Happiness isn’t about escaping reality, it’s about embracing reality and making the most of it with committed action.

Here you’ll receive practical information, guidance and inspiration to help you develop yourself at an early stage in life instead of waiting for a major life crisis to come up before attempting to turn your life around.

I am not here to pamper. I’m here to be objective about my observations and say what matters in a straightforward manner.

Never take your early years for granted – it can make or break your long-term future.

We all have been given gifts and talents and if we don’t use them what is the point of existing? A lot of people don’t even realise how short life actually is. I realised how short life could or can be after surviving a hit-and-run collision, aged 14. I can’t explain how it happened but my outlook on life changed entirely after going through the traumatising experience.

Most of us are not fortunate enough to be hit by a vehicle, survive, then find their purpose and talk about the impact it had on them. Well I survived and live to talk about my life experiences and I want to give young people my perspective on things. As part of the realisation of how little time I have left, and seeing many talented individuals living a life they have no passion for, this blog was worked on from June 2016 and finalised in August 2016.

I was given the gifts of logical thinking, physical invulnerability (I mean strength: how on earth did I get hit by a van, fly at light speed over a long distance, hit a bus and not break a bone?!), calmness, a high stress tolerance threshold, writing ability and a love for health, fitness and personal development.
I’m not going to waste these and not let people see what I have to offer. I want to make a significant contribution to society in anyway I can, don’t you too? If I can help even just one person with this blog my goal will be achieved.

The content on LME will be inspired by my life experiences, NOTHING GENERIC. There will also be tips on how to switch your life into legacy mode.

Find your definition of a life well lived, you owe it to yourself and the next generation.

I hope this website can help your self-development and self-improvement so you can grow into exactly who you want to be and do exactly what you want to do.

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If you’d like email coaching or mentoring I offer a Personalised Self-confidence Email Coaching Service to help you find self-confidence direction, purpose and motivation. Check it out here.

I now recommend that you read the LONG ABOUT section.

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LONG ABOUT (for the curious)

So, who the heck am I?

My full name is Edward Chibueze Mbanasor. I’m a 24-year-old personal development madman, currently studying MSc Exercise Physiology at Loughborough University. I hold a BSc (Hons) in Clinical Sciences from the University of Bradford. In 2018, I will finally study Medicine at the University of Leeds after 4 attempts of trying to find a way in. Phew! But how I achieved these things and how I will achieve my other goals took and will take of a lot growth and reflection. Part of my life’s purpose is to share my experiences and what I have learnt so you can apply them to your own life and achieve your goals without waiting for life to ‘hit you and run’.

I enjoy talking about the things I’m learning about in personal growth to give you the tools to get started early in life and build a great legacy that you, others and your haters can be proud of. How does that sound?

Fun facts about yours truly:

  • Personal Development Madman
  • Hit-and-run survivor
  • Londoner born and bred
  • Nigerian (Igbo) originally
  • Christian
  • Currently working on an online fitness coaching service for students
  • Anime Fanatic: Favourite is Dragon Ball Z (Goku is a great inspiration of mine)
  • Greenery and Nature Admirer
  • Rope skipping, football, casual bike riding, chess, combat sport, and table tennis enthusiast
  • Eldest of four brothers (I really wanted a sister as well – oh well)
  • Premature kid, weighed in at 1.3 kg and spent 6 months in intensive care
  • Hiked to summit of Mt Snowdon, Wales
  • ISTJ
  • Mad about yam and cashew nuts
  • Training Philosophy: Die and Resurrect
  • Life Philosophy: When you get hit make sure you never run

Where did the name Legacy Means Everything come from?

The name is based on the Legacy Mode in the boxing video game Fight Night Champion. The mode was based on a boxing character the player had to develop from humble beginnings to eventually become world champion.

How did LME come about?

Aged 19, in my first year of University, I was forced to write up 50,000-word personal development portfolio (don’t worry, I did go overkill). As I read personal development material to reflect on my academic experiences, I quickly became obsessed with educating myself about self-development especially after failing to get into medical school after a second attempt in 2014.

I have been through many blogs, books and videos to help me reach my academic and personal goals, boost my self-confidence, overcome low-points and stay on track with my goals as a young adult still growing into the peak of my adulthood. I’ve been rambling about self-development and following passions ever since.

I decided I needed a platform to spew out and properly articulate my findings and ramblings, from personal study and my life experiences, which I feel will be useful to my generation of young people. In response to seeing many young people around me feeling demotivated and lacking purpose, and doing stuff just to please their parents, teachers and employers, at 23 I created LME in August 2016 because sharing is caring and all that.

My aim?

It’s simple.

I just want to share what I’ve learnt in my experiences and readings on personal self-development and self-improvement to encourage the next generation (wait… that includes me!) to achieve everything they want to achieve not what someone else told them to achieve.

BUT, it involves the-very-much-avoided-by-many-other-bloggers-reality-check that is lacking in the self-helposphere.

Plus, I want to help eradicate the special snowflake mentality that has plagued society in recent times which has most of all encouraged young people to pursue a life of averageness. Young people need to stop listening to what they want to hear and listen to what they need to hear to make the best choices for themselves.

If you want to continue to see yourself as a special snowflake, who wants everything handed to them, this blog is NOT for you.

I don’t believe success is accidental. It comes about by applying certain tried and tested methods. Success can be replicated, taught and followed. You don’t have to wait until you’ve been hit by a van before realising this. I’ve adapt what I’ve learnt over the years to go from a shy kid, from an inner London city rough area, to getting into medical school as a non-traditional applicant after applying 4 times. As I continue to learn I will continue to achieve my goals which are many.

What was the reason for this success?

Identifying strong and weak points and going all out to improve the good to great and reducing or eliminating the bad.

I will continue to keep learning and applying until I achieved everything I have set out to achieve in this life. I will never accept the version of security the world claims to offer and has repeatedly failed the current generation of young adults and many older adults: go to school, get a piece of paper with a letter or number on it (this letter or number is supposed to be your self-worth), get a job, live an average life and then die with a legacy of: ‘oh, he made the tastiest sandwiches at the annual picnic!’. I have a lot more offer and know you do to. Are you with me?

The privilege you have as a young person is the freedom and flexibility to sculpt your life. As you get older the sculpted clay hardens more and more with age. Later in life if the clay hardens in a way you don’t like you have to break up parts of the already hardened clay, and your life becomes harder to mend as responsibilities in life increase and because of the fact that it is harder to change habits when you’re older. Make things easier for yourself and work on yourself early on in life. It takes a lot of time and reflection to develop a great product so it’s really in your best interests to start early! When I say early I mean right now.

I believe that to be become a well-rounded adult you must develop good habits from a young age. You don’t just become a well-developed adult when you reach a certain number of years, you have to become one. It’s not about the number of years, it’s about the quality of the years.

You must condition yourself and develop good thinking processes early so you know what to do when life gets rough (and it will), instead of feeling stranded and falling prey to depression or years of severe hardships which can potentially be avoided by equipping yourself with knowledge.

If you are serious about improving and developing yourself this site is for you.

I’m not saying I have my life completely together by any means or saying I’ve learnt everything in 24 years of life. As a young man, I’m still learning and have a lot to learn. This is why this site combines unique perspective, stories, continuous research, hard-earned wisdom and experimentation.

Who LME is for?

If you’re reading this page you’re probably a young person with an answer of ‘Yes’ to one or more of the following:

  • You want to live a meaningful life, one that yourself and others and even your haters would be proud of.
  • You’re in your late teens or in your 20s and you’ve followed the predictable path of education-job-average life but feel you can do more with your life, or you’re terrified of working 9-5 until 65 years old but can’t find a way out.
  • You have dreams and aspirations but you’re a chronic procrastinator or/and fear failure.
  • You are in a dark time in your life and need inspiration.
  • You want to reduce negative thinking and worry.
  • You’ve jumped into a course of life you didn’t want but felt obliged to in the name of pleasing others who will never walk the path of life you’ll walk, and will never take responsibility if it goes wrong for you.
  • You have no direction in life so you spend countless hours scrolling through Facebook, playing games and binge eating. You know deep down these bring no value to your life and you know there has to be more to life.
  • You’re currently on a course or doing a job that isn’t making the most of your talents. You’d like to contribute to the world in your own unique way, but don’t know where to start.
  • You’ve tried things out but they haven’t taken you anywhere significant.
  • You have a piece of paper from school/college/university but you still aren’t certain about what you want to with your life or are struggling to get a job and feel extremely disappointed in yourself.
  • You lack confidence and self-esteem to follow your passions and be authentic because of fear of judgement or feeling like you’d look stupid.
  • Someone told you to give up on your dreams because they thought you’re dreaming too big.
  • You feel you’re not good enough.
  • You’re too scared to make big changes in your life.
  • Your current job is wasting your life.
  • You’re in a severe life crisis that you feel you can’t get out of.
  • You’re about to give up on your dreams.
  • You’re scared of success.
  • You want to learn how to better cope with emotional issues and life’s challenges.
  • You want to take ownership of your results in life by using any and every means available to become the best that you can be.

If any of these resonate with you, you’re not alone. All of us have felt at least one of those situations (I definitely have). That is why I created this site to inspire you to go out there, take on the big bad world and leave a lasting impact on the world.

It won’t be easy but who said it’s supposed to be and why would you want it to be?

As we support one another in the human community we can grow gradually and be prepared to overcome the obstacles that will come our way.

You probably used to be to a teenager full of dreams and passion then suddenly got forced on a path by others. You were conditioned early in life to go with the flow and completely forget about what YOU really want to do with your life, the impact YOU want to have on others and the great things YOU want to do for the world.

I’m here to tell you that you can regain that spark, that confidence and chase those passions locked inside – that’s my mission.

You don’t have wait until you have a health problem or survive a hit-and-run collision and just about miss out on broken legs before following your passions. It’s important to equip yourself early with tools to ensure you don’t waste a critical part of your life doing things which aren’t helping you to grow. This will allow you to develop as quickly as possible and live life fully for longer.

The truth is, to become your best self you have to put yourself on a path to grow, grow and grow and then take action to get the results you want. Life is all about results but to get those results the focus should be on the process with active and deliberate growth by accessing the wisdom of others which means things like:

  • investing in yourself for long-term success
  • building self-awareness – i.e. learning about who you are
  • staying on track with your purpose once you’ve found it
  • long lasting development through tried and test strategies
  • building emotional awareness
  • developing strong and meaningful relationships with others

Why is LME needed?

Most young people today have no direction in life due to lack of guidance from role models and the education system. It has driven many young people into an average life where many don’t use all of their talents to make a significant contribution in their society or community.

Most blogs offer the solution for those who are living a life they already hate. What if I said this website can offer you advice on how to live a life you want in the first place without going nostril deep into something you hate until your 30s, 40s, 50s first before finding a way out?

Isn’t it a lot easier to develop good habits early in life instead of waiting for a time to radically change a situation which could have been avoided? My mother taught me prevention is better than cure and this is how I live and is what I want to offer on this site.

Many websites have great self-improvement or self-development, motivational and inspiration content. I don’t know about you but I find them to be too generic. They make too many assumptions about how much young people should know about life and assumptions about how easy it for developing young people to grasp the advice. It’s as if they assume an 18-year-old has roamed the earth for 40 years. This makes it difficult to put the advice into action consistently. Maybe they aren’t targeting young people but most of the people who find it hard to find their own voice in the world are young people.

So, I hope to offer you a full bite, instead of nibbles by breaking things down as best I can into practical steps and meaningful advice that you can apply immediately to your own life as a growing young person. This is better than waiting, maybe, almost a decade to understand why certain things in your teens or 20s were good for your growth (well that’s in my case anyway). A lot of people give up on their dreams because they didn’t understand why things were so hard early on in life.

I want to spare you the wait and do what I can to help you get ahead and figure things out early before having more responsibilities as you grow in your work and life. This will be achieved by using my life experiences and by tapping into the minds of those who have seen it all and want to help us young people avoid the mistakes they made in their youth. If others have figured things out already, why put yourself through the stress of reinventing the wheel?

I don’t think enough young people who have found a way to overcome adversity and succeed, no matter how insignificant it may be to them, are sharing their success to provide the tools and inspiration for young people just like them. This means there are a lack of good role models. This leaves most young people looking up to drunken celebrities who live in bubbles and not in the real world – this is where LME comes in. I want to share experiences from an ordinary person who is still on his way to living a fulfilling life and providing great and long-lasting value to the world. If you don’t have a role-model I hope LME provides you an avatar of someone to aspire to be through personal development and improvement resources.

I want to build something I’d want as a young adult growing up. I see young adulthood as the trial and error stage of life, the developmental period, but it’s important to avoid errors where you can because somethings can take ages to recover from and may even lead to many giving up on life. Working smart where you can is better than working hard where you don’t need to. Period.

I’m sure you’re on this website because you don’t want to ever give up on your dreams. You want to find your life mission and take it seriously early on in life so you can live fully for as long as possible, instead of potentially experiencing terminal illness before chasing dreams, having good relationships and living life to the fullest. A strong foundation means a long-lasting legacy can be built. I’m sure as a young person you’re eager to make a great contribution to the world but may not know how or know what path you should take or need encouragement. That’s okay because most young people don’t have it all figured out – what’s most important is that you are eager to learn and grow. This is why LME was created.

It has been created to help be your guide, motivator and Number 1 Fan.

If you’d like email coaching or mentoring I offer a Personalised Self-Confidence Email Coaching Service to help young people find self-confidence direction, purpose and motivation. Check it out here.
I post on the blog when I have something meaningful to share.

I hope this website can help your self-development and self-improvement so you can grow into exactly who you want to be and do exactly what you want to do.

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Thanks for visiting.

Catch up with you soon,

Edward Mbanasor

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